Supply Chain Attacks

Over the holiday weekend, a major player in the IT industry suffered an attack that ended up crippling the technology infrastructure of potentially thousands of companies around the world. The company, Kaseya, provides Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools used by many IT departments and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to monitor the health of their

Are You Ready for a Cyber Attack? Part 1 of 2

Are You Ready for a Cyber Attack? Part 1 of 2 One of Mission Critical Systems partners, KnowBe4, recently shared a presentation with us on how serious the need for good cybersecurity has become. The sophistication of attacks has really taken a dramatic step forward in just the past eight to nine months- right

FBI has issued attack warning for healthcare providers

There is a credible threat of a major attack from Russia coming against healthcare providers, in the form of network hijacks paired with ransomware. Please warn any clients in that space, make sure their systems and firewalls are all patched to the latest versions, and once again remind them that their staff are the weakest

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Ransomware: Protection and Recovery

Denver IT Protection Ransomware, the breed a malicious software that takes your computer hostage by encrypting files and demanding a ransom payment to unlock them, continues to be the scourge of computer networks everywhere. In the past month, ransomware attacks were carried out on a massive scale, including attacks on the Colorado Department of Transportation