CMMC Assistance with Mission Critical Systems

The Cyber Maturity Model Certification is the most complex cybersecurity framework that companies are required to comply with, because it includes the best practices for cybersecurity.  Getting and keeping a CMMC can seem like a daunting task.  Mission Critical Systems can help you navigate these complex waters, toward getting and staying certified.

Mission Critical Systems is a security service company and RPO Registered Provider Organization for the CMMC governing body accreditation board.  MCS is unique because we focus specifically on the needs of small to mid-size businesses.   We tailor our RPO services to focus on CMMC levels 1-3 to meet the budget and unique requirements of smaller organizations striving for CMMC.  MCS knows how to partner with you to provide a more affordable option in reaching and maintaining your certification.

We are focused on small to mid-sized defense contractors in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond, and use our 3-step approach to help you get and maintain your CMMC:

  1. Readiness Assessment – The first step is understanding how your current cybersecurity stacks up. Is it meeting the requirements of the level of CMMC you need to reach?  MCS will conduct a Readiness Assessment that will identify the overall security health of your organization.  After the Readiness Assessment, you will receive a report detailing how many controls are currently in compliance, and what needs to be done to reach the remaining controls you need for the CMMC level you require.
  2. Certification Preparation – Once you have completed the Readiness Assessment, MCS will assist you in completing the work, to get the required controls into compliance. We can augment our work with your internal IT staff and resources, to work best in your budget range
  3. Certification Maintenance – Just as important as receiving your certification is maintaining it. MCS has the tools to monitor and maintain all required CMMC security controls.  This gives you timely data so you can react quickly, and make adjustments if needed, before they impact your CMMC.  MCS will “have your back” by providing the tools to identify things that go out of maintenance and help get you back in line quickly.
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How long will it take a company to get certified?  The time it takes for certification depends on many variables, but Mission Critical Systems can help ensure your process moves as quickly as possible.  Generally, the Readiness Assessment takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  The Certification Preparation timeline will vary depending on the company size, the CMMC level a company is trying to achieve, and the number of items found out of compliance during the Assessment.  After the Readiness Assessment, MCS can help you understand how long the Certification Preparation might take and get you on your way to certification.

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