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What Does Your IT Infrastructure Look Like?

Infrastructure Security is about protecting the technology tools used to run your business. Think about those tools, whether it’s an Internet connection that allows you to send and receive critical email communication from your computer, or a more complex system with servers and software for maintaining and accessing critical business data. What would happen if someone or something took those tools away?

Mission Critical Systems offers IT services in Colorado and can help you secure your infrastructure.

Technology infrastructure is under threat from a number of avenues:

  • External entities looking to exploit vulnerabilities on publicly-accessible services (email, websites, remote access, etc.)
  • External entities able to gain access internally due to lax Wifi security or tricking an employee for a password
  • Internal entities causing damage, either inadvertently or on purpose
  • Malware and Ransomware
  • Failures due to aging hardware and software
  • Lack of backups, or incomplete/untested backups
  • Disasters, ranging from simple power outages to full infrastructure loss

Securing your infrastructure is the first step in protecting your business. Poor infrastructure security drastically increases the chances that one or more the threats listed above become a reality. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the technology you use is critical for planning how to decrease the opportunity for one of those threats to occur.


If you are wondering if you need IT services in Colorado, here are some ways to be sure:

Can you answer all of the following statements with a definitive “Yes?”

  • I know exactly what types of services my firewall lets in from the Internet, and what services are let out from my network.
  • I know when my internet connection and/or services are under attack from an external source.
  • No employee will give out sensitive information via email, even if it looks like it’s coming from someone higher up.
  • If a laptop or mobile device is lost or stolen, it either contains no data of value or is unreadable by someone without a login account.
  • Business-critical machines are physically inaccessible to most employees.
  • Business-critical machines and software are current and supported by the manufacturer/developer.
  • All critical data is backed up, securely stored, and tested regularly.
  • If something destroyed our business-critical machines, we could return to normal operations in a short period of time.

If you answered “No” or “I don’t know” to any of these statements, your infrastructure is at risk. Our Security Assessment will answer the I Don’t Know’s, verify the Yes’s, and provide solutions for turning any No into a Yes. Our IT services in Colorado can help put your mind at ease and protect you from threats to your infrastructure.

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