PanTerra VoIP Security

PanTerra provides cloud network communications for businesses of any size. Business communications require reliable and secure cloud services. PanTerra allows the convenience of self managed or authorized partners to self manage their solutions. We also have the option of fully managed cloud solutions to provide your business with the security, reliability, support, value and quality you need. Our fully managed solution has your business running with the highest efficiency and lowest IT complexities.

When it comes to security, PanTerra has the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your business information. We feature in-transit and at-rest encryption of you data. We utilize multi factor authentication and HIPAA compliance. Here are some of the security benefits your business can benefit from:

Account and User Level Security
Our system will enforce strong password security and separates portals for administration level and user levels. Our portals are recorded to ensure the utmost security. We can also limit the maximum device visits per user, international calling, and black listed/ white listed IP ranges. We continuously monitor suspicious activity to prevent security breaches.

MFA – Multi Factor Authentication
Multi factor authentication includes a range of devices and ensures that only authorized users can access to the service and data within the cloud service.

Mobile Device Security
With the ever growing popularity of mobile devices, it is crucial to protect information across these devices if they are ever lost or stolen. Mobile security will involve both multi factor authentication, as well as the ability to lock out missing, lost or stolen devices.

Secure Data Centers
Our data centers are SAS70/SSAE16 compliant. Our data centers also include dual backup generators and a data center location strategy to minimize natural disaster interference.

PanTerra integrates the highest quality and security standards to ensure protection from unauthorized access, DOS attacks and more. Learn more about PanTerra’s security standards by clicking below: