Introduction to Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)

So far in 2021, Ransomware attacks have resulted in catastrophic damages for individuals and businesses alike. Not all of these damages are monetary, either—disruption to key business functions can have long-lasting effects that can take weeks or months to completely resolve. The problem is very real. As of the publishing of this article, it’s likely

Are You Ready for a Cyber Attack? Part 2 of 2

Preparing for Cyber attacks Part 2 of 2 In our last blog post , we discussed a presentation from our partner KnowBe4 on the evolution of cybercrime attacks and current methods that hackers are using to gain access to your personal and/or company information. In this second post, we will discuss what exactly you can

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Are You Ready for a Cyber Attack? Part 1 of 2

Are You Ready for a Cyber Attack? Part 1 of 2 One of Mission Critical Systems partners, KnowBe4, recently shared a presentation with us on how serious the need for good cybersecurity has become. The sophistication of attacks has really taken a dramatic step forward in just the past eight to nine months- right

FBI has issued attack warning for healthcare providers

There is a credible threat of a major attack from Russia coming against healthcare providers, in the form of network hijacks paired with ransomware. Please warn any clients in that space, make sure their systems and firewalls are all patched to the latest versions, and once again remind them that their staff are the weakest

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Ransomware: Protection and Recovery

Denver IT Protection Ransomware, the breed a malicious software that takes your computer hostage by encrypting files and demanding a ransom payment to unlock them, continues to be the scourge of computer networks everywhere. In the past month, ransomware attacks were carried out on a massive scale, including attacks on the Colorado Department of Transportation

Creating Good Passwords

Protecting everything you lock with a good password is when you use length and complexity (mix of letters, numbers, symbols, and capitals). A six character password has been shown to be able to be cracked in under 13 minutes, but even a ten character password would  currently take 900 years to crack with our latest

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Turning the tables on technology performance

Turning the tables on technology performance Technology performance is typically touted as a conduit to better business processes. However, sometimes lost amid all the high-tech hoopla is a high-touch catalyst for performance excellence. It’s called action learning. Simply put, action learning is interactive training, that time-tested practice of learning by doing. No matter how robust

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Denver Managed Services

Denver Managed Services In the old days, managed services often referred to nothing more than a help desk that would take over control of your workstation while you leaned back and watched. Nowadays, we have the ability to monitor the health and performance of your entire network, and if we spot a potential problem, we

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